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Research interests

Microeconomic theory, game theory, decision theory, mathematical economics

Current academic position

Associate Professor, Research School of Economics, Australian National University (2014–  )

Past academic positions

Senior Lecturer, Research School of Economics, Australian National University (2014–2017)

Lecturer, Department of Economics, The University of Queensland (2011–2013)

Visiting positions

Visitor, Department of Economics and Cowles Foundation, Yale University (2018–2020)

Academic background

PhD in Economics, University of Rochester (2013)

BA in Economics, Universidade de São Paulo (2000)


[1] Simon Grant, Idione Meneghel, and Rabee Tourky. Learning under unawareness. Eco- nomic Theory, 74(2):447–475, 2022.

[2] Simon Grant, Jeffrey Kline, Idione Meneghel, John Quiggin, and Rabee Tourky (2016). A theory of robust experiments for choice under uncertainty. Journal of Economic Theory 165, pp. 124–151.

[3] Simon Grant, Idione Meneghel, and Rabee Tourky (2016). Savage games. Theoretical Economics 11 (2), pp. 641–682.

[4] Paulo Barelli and Idione Meneghel (2013). A note on the equilibrium existence problem in discontinuous games. Econometrica 81 (2), pp. 813–824.

Working papers

[1] Idione Meneghel and Larry Samuelson. Paying to overbid, 2023.

[2] Idione Meneghel and Anna Sanktjohanser. Bargaining with multiple partners, 2023.

[3] Idione Meneghel and Rabee Tourky (2019). On the existence of equilibrium in Bayesian games without complementarities.

[4] Idione Meneghel and Rabee Tourky (2015). A fixed point theorem for closed-graphed decomposable-valued correspondences.


Microeconomic Theory (2020–2022)

Advanced Behavioral Economics (2020–2022)

Behavioral Economics (2018)

Microeconomic Theory (2017)

Economics III (Honors) (2017)

Foundations of Economic and Financial Models (2014–2016)

Microeconomics A (2012–2013)

Advanced Managerial Economics (2012–2013)

Grants, honors, and awards

Senior Fellowship, Higher Education Academy (2017)

Australian National University RSSS Cross-College Grant (2017): Philosophy & Economics

The School of Economics Distinguished Teaching Awards for Small Postgraduate class, The University of Queensland (2012)

UQ New Staff Research Start-Up Fund award, The University of Queensland (2012)

Conibear Memorial Prize (best third-year paper), University of Rochester (2008)

Graduate fellowship, University of Rochester (2006–2010)